Wise Craic

Taking the piss out of hard Seltzer
since April 1st, 2021.

Alcohol free. Sugar free.
Unbelievable taste.

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A tsunami of hard seltzers have washed up on Australian shores over the past year, following on from their major popularity in the USA. In essence, ‘hard seltzers’ are flavoured soda water with alcohol in them. They’re like hard soft drinks. Wrap your head around that one. Now, one Australian startup is taking the piss out of this latest craze - literally. Called Wise Craic, the brand is backed by Monday Distillery and is a fully non-alcoholic option with delightful flavours like jackfruit jubilee and pickle juice & tang. With a name that plays on the Irish slang craic (pronounced crack), which means having a good time, they’re all about prudent yet unadulterated fun.

Wise Craic

Bring the delicious instead

“We found it hilarious that by adding alcohol to fizzy water, these brands are making a killing in the young adult and ‘I don’t really like alcohol, so this is all I can drink’ markets,” says Wise Craic Founder and Monday Distillery ideas girl Eleanor Rigby. “The funniest thing of all is that most of these drinks taste terrible. So, we figured we’d leave the booze (and sugar) out but bring the delicious instead.”

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